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Over the past decades, statistics inexorably demonstrates that the ecological situation on our planet is beginning to take catastrophic proportions. Eventually progress created new opportunities to humanity, although it created significant environmental problems.

Today there are mechanisms and sources of financing of environmental projects in world practice. In ddition to international "green" organizations, there are national and local programs as well as specialized investment funds, which provide grants to companies working within the environmental programs.

The company «Ecostock» is an active participant
in financing of cost-effective environmental projects.
Our main business is investment in the environment,
mainly in the planting of trees and shrubs. We are
the Agency’s official representatives of the global
environmental investments.

Our company constantly participates in competitions and tenders in order to get grants, and part of received amount is our income.

The services provided by the company «Ecostock» are in demand because major enterprises, whose activity is connected with environmental pollution, have the opportunity to reduce their tax obligations by investing in environmental projects.

Today, the company «Ecostock» invites private investors to cooperation in order to expand their own business and get the opportunity to participate in a great number of environmental projects. In its turn, every investor will get a part of total profits of the company «Ecostock».

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